Hi everyone! 

My name’s Elisabeth and I live in Lisbon. About me:

(1) I’ve been an APPIforma teacher trainer on the topics of teaching young learners and teaching English through drama and other playful activities for several years now.

(2) I love acting, writing and painting and the more I practice and try to improve my skills, the more I feel the only way to do it better is to keep on working, learning and relearning… forever…

(3) I was born and raised in Mozambique, so I love everything related to Africa: weather, wildlife, colours, people, handicraft, food… A couple of years ago I did some teacher training there. It was an amazing experience!

(4) I am a proud mother of two young men and a grandmother of an eight-year-old girl and a six-year-old boy. They are the rainbow of my life! Unfortunately, they live in London…

 (5) As a YL teacher, I have always believed in the power of fun. Fun with a purpose, of course. 

That’s me! 

 Pânico é total: Até levaram a máscara do emoji da máscara | Imprensa Falsa


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