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Mentoring in Educational Contexts · 1st Edition [ended]


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Third Edition: starts March, 2021 (contact appiforma)

This is a course to train teachers who are interested in creating mentoring projects or to develop and improve their own mentoring projects. It aims to increase the participants' knowledge in this area, helping them to make choices according to their own specific contexts.

Participants will become more confident in being able to participate and co-create projects within their own schools, whether that be peer mentoring with students, peer mentoring with colleagues, mentoring new teachers, or mentoring for leadership.


Teacher: Neil Mason

Mentoring in Educational Contexts · 2nd Edition [Feb 2021]


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Second Edition — Starts — 3rd February, 2021 

Mentoring has been around for a long time and we all think we know what it is. However, over the years, mentoring has developed into a significant field of study with multiple applications in education.

In our course we will have the opportunity to discuss ideas around what mentoring is, or isn't. We will discuss and compare mentoring to other models of helping relationships we may also find in education (tutoring, coaching, teaching, counselling). 

Whether or not you are actively involved in a mentoring programme in your school, this course will prepare you to confidently contribute in already running programmes as well as setting up your own projects in your own context.

I do not intend to give ideas of "ready made" ideas, or tell you what you should or shouldn't do, but rather to build your confidence and awareness to enable you to further develop your own ideas and think about wider applications for mentoring in educational contexts.

EMAIL ME: neil.mason.newmind@gmail.com

The course is full – please check out the 3rd edition beginning in March.


Teaching English to Young Learners_2ndEdition


The main aim of this online course is to provide teachers with opportunities to reflect on young learners (YLs) teaching theory and practice and to share and discuss resources, strategies and ideas on teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL) to YLs.